• Form a union at your workplace

        When workers engage in collective bargaining, they have a seat at the table to express their wishes and concerns. A collective bargaining agreement outlines wages, benefits, and working conditions, including due process rights. 

        The process of forming a union for the purpose of collective bargaining involves obtaining the support of the majority of your co-workers. 

        For information about how to begin the process of organizing a union, contact NoVA Labor

      • Obtain apprenticeship training to join a skilled trades union

        Building trades unions in Northern Virginia provide apprenticeship training at their many training facilities in the area.  

        When you are an apprentice, you “earn while you learn,” meaning that instead of incurring college debt, you actually earn a salary while you are learning your craft on the job. 

        Becoming a union skilled craftsperson is a path to the middle class and an
        opportunity to contribute to your community with your skills.

      • Become a union member as a freelancer or individual

        Even if you are not part of a collective work environment, you can join a union and be part of the labor movement. 

        There are unions for authors, artists, actors, and other independent workers  who wish to obtain benefits and support. 

      • Faith Communities
      • Immigrant Rights
      • Veterans
      • Civil Rights
      • Schools

      Growing income inequality linked to declining unions

      When a third of the U.S. workforce belonged to unions, there was a large middle class to which most workers belonged.  Union wages and benefits brought up living standards for all workers. 

      A decline in the unionization rate is associated with a concentration of wealth at the top. 

      Rebuilding unions is an important part of reducing income inequality and restoring our middle class. 

      Click here to read more

      Food workers at National Airport organize a union

      Nearly 150 food and beverage and concessions workers at National Airport won union recognition on Thursday. The workers started organizing with UNITE HERE Local 23 after workers in the first food and beverage company in DCA won union recognition last Fall.

      One of the leaders of the union campaign, Aschalew Asabie, said, “I came to this country from Ethiopia. A majority of the people who work in this airport are immigrants. We are awake now and we are going to demand respect every day.” 

      Read more at dclabor.org.

      Bank Tellers Seek to Unionize

      Over 15,000 bank tellers at U.S. branches of Spanish-owned Santander bank are seeking to form a union.

      The tellers are seeking fair wages, stable full-time jobs, and an end to unfair treatment of consumers. 

      "In every other developed economy in the world, bank worker unions are the backbone of the labor movement," said Teresa Casertano, the global campaigns manager for the Committee for Better Banks.

      Click here to read more about the organizing campaign.

      • What is a union?
      A union is an organization of workers who come together to have a voice on the job and in society. 

      The workers run the union democratically, electing their own leadership, and the union is a vehicle to express their particular priorities, which can include wages, health care, retirement, working conditions, staffing, etc. 

      • Are unions allowed in right-to-work states? 


      • How much are union dues?


      • Can unions be helpful to employers?




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